Frequently Asked Questions

1) What can I expect on the day of installation?
On the day of installation, you will be contacted 1 hour prior to the start of your job to confirm our appointment. When we arrive we ask that the driveway be free allowing us to park the truck. If there is no access to the driveway we will do our best to park on the street while honoring local street laws.

2) Will you place drop sheets throughout the house or will I be responsible for this?
Drop sheets are placed where necessary throughout the house to ensure that your floors, stairs, and/or furniture are properly protected.

3) Will I need to take everything out of my closet?
Where possible we ask that all contents be removed from the closet and surrounding area to ensure there is enough space to work. This will also allow for a cleaner job and avoid any possibility of Fiberglass insulation getting onto your clothing.

4) Will you run the hose through my house or come in through a window?
Where possible we will run the hose through a window closest to the attic hatch(s). This includes protecting the window sill and placing non-itching batting in the window opening to reduce heat loss. This will result in a cleaner job and avoids the potential for someone tripping over the hose.

5) Will you have to go right inside the attic or will you stand at the hatch and blow it in?
To do the job properly we will need to go right inside the attic. Blowing in the attic while standing at the hatch could result in improper height, uneven insulation, and plugged soffits.

6) Do you inspect the attic prior to installing the new insulation?
Each attic is thoroughly inspected and all conditions are considered to ensure a quality job. In addition to this, we also inspect the ceiling to determine if there are any existing cracks or damage that we need to be aware of.

7) How long will the job take?
For most jobs please allow 5-7 hours depending on the size of the attic for the job to be done properly.

8) Can I be home while the job is being done?
Yes. The job will be completed with very little mess, noise or disruption.

9) I have pot lights but I am not sure if they are IC Rated, can you still blow insulation over the pot lights?
Code requires that all pot lights be Insulation Contact Rated. Blowing insulation over non-IC Rated pot lights could result in overheating of the fixtures creating a potential fire hazard. Please refer to a licensed electrician to ensure spotlights, as well as existing wiring, has been installed properly prior to insulation being added. Failure to inspect pot lights may result in a rescheduling fee in the event that work cannot be completed on the installation date.

10) Are your workers covered by WSIB and do you have liability insurance?
Yes, we are fully insured and all of our workers are covered by WSIB

11) Can I look through the attic hatch once the job is completed?
Yes, in fact, we encourage it. Our number one goal as a company is to ensure that each client is fully satisfied with the work that has been completed. Customer service and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.



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