We at Affordable Insulation take great pride in our work, each job is thoroughly inspected and all conditions are considered to ensure a quality job. We are a full-service company committed to customer satisfaction.

Our Services Include:

Air sealing in specific areas
When living in a house there are many things we take notice of on a daily basis but there is one thing that most of us are completely unaware of and that is air leaks. The largest leaks are typically hidden. The key to a proper job is to find these leaks in your attic to ensure comfort and energy efficiency.

Proper ventilation
Many times I have told clients that there is no sense in adding additional insulation to an attic without ensuring adequate ventilation. One thing that most people don`t realize is that an attic can be under-ventilated as well as over ventilated. This is one aspect of the job we take seriously as improper ventilation could lead to problems in the future.

Reducing ice damming
Living in Ontario you have probably seen many homes with ice dams hanging from the eaves, quite possibly one of these homes was your own. When insulation is low, compressed, or poorly installed near the soffits there is a greater chance you will experience ice damming

Wall insulation
In retrofitting older homes nothing beats hands-on experience to properly assess the situation and treat the home as a complete unit. This will ensure the best options are provided to achieve the greatest level of comfort. Allow us to discuss options that are best suited for your specific application.

Insulation Removal
Insulation removal is something that most homeowners have no desire to tackle themselves. That’s where we come in. We have the knowledge and proper equipment required to safely remove Fiberglass and Cellulose insulation.



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